UPDATE: this is a static and incomplete copy of the previous issue tracker, so the old documentation is still available.
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Welcome to the Trac site of  WYMeditor.

WYMeditor is a web-based WYSIWYM editor (What You See Is What You Mean), which goal is to produce XHTML-CSS compliant code. WYMeditor lets the writer concentrate on the structure and the content of the document, not on the visual layout.

WYMeditor is very easy to integrate into your Content Management System (CMS).

See About page for more information about WYMeditor's main concepts.

This site is a wiki and a web-based software management, which means anyone is welcome to edit and improve the pages on it. It is used for WYMeditor documentation, help and tickets/bug tracking. So feel free to contribute to it ! You just need to register and login in order to submit, edit, or comment on a ticket.


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