WYM Editor Helper is a plugin that makes it dead easy to incorporate the WYM editor into your Rails views.

Follow these steps to use:

  1. From your project's root, run:
ruby script/plugin install svn://
rake wym:install
  1. Put <%= wym_editor_initialize %> in the view that will host the text editing form. Prefereably this goes into your html's HEAD, to keep our html W3C valid. Use <% content_for :head do %> <%= wym_editor_initialize %> <% end %> in the view that needs the editor, and <%= yield :head %> in the layout. This means the editor will only load when it is truly called for.
  1. in your form, instead of i.e. <%= text_area :article, :content %>, use <%= wym_editor :article, :content %> OR add a 'wymeditor' class to the textarea
  1. add a 'wymupdate' class to the submit button

Extra info

This plugin uses an svn:external to automatically get the latest version of WYMeditor. If for some reason the checked out version is not working, you can install a different version like so:

svn export svn:// vendor/plugins/wym_editor_helper/assets/wymeditor

To see what versions are available, check the repository browser at Keep in mind that if you check out a newer version of WYM, you need to re-run the wym:install rake command to actually copy the wym files to the public dir. If you do so, be sure to first back up your configuration file (/javascripts/boot_wym.js) if you made any changes to it.

Updates on this plugin will appear on