This version is a major update. Major new features added:

  • New WYMeditor namespace
  • Safari compatibility
  • New skin system, easier to customize
  • XHTML and CSS parsers are included in the main JS file
  • Language file is automatically loaded

WYMeditor namespace

Everything is now contained in the 'WYMeditor' namespace, which means global variables aren't used anymore.
This is a major change, compared to previous versions, which used global variables starting with 'WYM_'.
These variables have been renamed and moved to the WYMeditor namespace.


  • WYMeditor.STRINGS

In order to upgrade WYMeditor 0.3 or 0.4 to 0.5, and if your code uses WYMeditor global variables such as WYMeditor.INSTANCES you'll have to rename the global variables by their WYMeditor namespaced equivalent. Basically, WYM_XYZ becomes WYMeditor.XYZ.

Safari compatibility

WYMeditor is now compatible with Safari, and has been tested with version 3.1.1 of the browser.

New skin system

The new skin system automatically loads the necessary files, so you don't need to manually load the skin CSS from your HTML page.
The 'skin' option will determine the skin.css file to load (and optionally the skin.js file).

XHTML and CSS parsers

The XHTML and CSS parsers now take part of the WYMeditor namespace, and are included by default in the main JS file.
The 'xhtmlParser' and 'cssParser' options are obsolete.

Language file

The language file is automatically loaded while using the 'lang' option, so you don't need to manually load the JS language file from your HTML page.