Main Files


  • wym.js : Main javascript functions.
  • util.js : Common functions shared by other .js files.
  • config.js : Custom configuration values. Modify this file to better integrate WYMeditor in your web application.
  • dialog.js : Functions used by dialogs.
  • preview.js : Functions to make the preview work. If you integrate WYMeditor into your CMS, you probably won't need this, and rather use the preview system of you CMS. Anyway, this is used for the demo.


  • editor.htm : The main interface of WYMeditor, you can use it as a base and adapt it to you web application.


These files are located in the dialogs directory.

  • dialog.htm : Template file for dialogs, use it as a base to build your own custom dialogs.
  • image.htm : Dialog for images values.
  • link.htm : Dialog for links values.
  • preview.htm : Preview page.
  • table.htm : Dialog for table values.
  • template.htm : Dialog for custom content instertion.