WYMeditor has been created to easily integrate in any web application.

  • Simply copy and paste "editor.htm" HTML code in your server-side managed page.
  • Then, add some <form> and submit button (depends on the language used).
  • Put the event onclick="getCleanHTML()" on the submit button.
  • Customize the page as you like.
  • Optionally, you can also customize the dialog pages.
  • Create a page that will process the posted content.


ASP example

Note: I've made this example before releasing 0.1, so it could be buggy.

  • You'll need ASP at the server-side
  • Unzip and copy the files, along with WYMeditor files (wym.js, util.js, dialogs and so on)
  • config.js has been customized to use asp dialogs
  • Open editor.asp in your browser (i.e.  http://localhost/editor/editor.asp)
  • Click on the submit button
  • action.asp will process the content
  • I've added integration examples for the images, links and templates dialogs