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Examples don't function when extracted locally

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I was really surprised to find that I couldn't run any of the examples extracted from the wymeditor distribution.

I extracted the whole directory structure locally on my filesystem and left it intact. Then I navigated to the examples directory and loaded one by double-clicking on the html file.

What I see is shown in the attached screenshot. None of the controls have been properly populated, the example content hasn't showed up in the editor pane and everything is shot.

I don't really see what you can do about this, but maybe others would experience it too and think they're going mad so worth filing and closing this bug.

Exactly the same content when uploaded to the web and visited through an apache mount works perfectly fine.

I suppose it must be to do with the way you load some content being blocked by the default security policies of Firefox for local filesystems. I could run apache locally as a workaround, but what I'm trying to achieve is an editor for content which can be deployed in a zip file and run locally, so this is a bit of a blocker really. Any ideas what can be done to have wymeditor load correctly?

I'm running Xubuntu 8.10 Intrepid, with Firefox 3.06 and Wymeditor version 0.5 release 2 beta.


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Examples not working, with version information

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Examples not working, with version information

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OK, I tracked down some advice in a README inside the examples directory...

Note: if you test the examples locally with FF3, you'll need to turn off security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy (type about:config in the URL and search for the value). More info:  http://kb.mozillazine.org/Security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy

...but it would sure be useful to be able to do this on a more granular level. I'm not sure it's a fine idea to ask users to do this to their primary browser if I'm planning to provide WYMEditor as an editor to be run locally. I'll keep puzzling.

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Unfortunately there isn't much we can do about the browser security policies, sorry. If you're trying to create a desktop-web-hybrid-style application, then maybe  Titanium or  Adobe Air are worth looking in to.

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