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#134 removeEmptyTags - removes content editor 2.0 defect 10/15/08

We have some really not great RTF files, which we are importing using copy/paste to wymeditor.

There is non-breakable space after preposition, and because the RTF files are not very good (export from QuarkPress) it sometimes produces (it's visible for example in OpenOffice toolbar that the space is really in italics)


and the whole non-breakable space is removed by removeEmptyTags resulting into:


(so the space is removed) resulting into broken text. If I understand it correctly the removeEmptyTags method should remove tags which are "around" white space and thus are not necessary. So imho it should be:

return xhtml.replace(new RegExp('<('+this.block_tags.join("|")+')>(<br \/>|&#160;|&nbsp;|
1>' ,'g'),'$2');

istead of:

return xhtml.replace(new RegExp('<('+this.block_tags.join("|")+')>(<br \/>|&#160;|&nbsp;|
1>' ,'g'),);

mr_lundis (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#63 BlockUI instead of popup windows. ui 1.x enhancement 07/15/07

It would be great to have overlay dialogs using BlockUI ( http://malsup.com/jquery/block/) instead of popup windows.

#96 Support for definition list editor 2.0 enhancement 02/14/08

How can I add support for definition lists?

#138 onchange or isdirty functionality editor 2.0 enhancement 10/30/08

I'm looking to implement an auto-save style bit of functionality to my editor. The problem I'm having is that I can't figure a simple way to tell if the content of the editor have changed through any other method than checking the calling update() and checking the new contents versus the old (which is way more computationally expensive than it needs to be, especially on long documents). A simple variable/function that keeps track of whether or not there have been any changes to the editor since the last update() would be very helpful.

TinyMCE calls this  isDirty and I believe it will help solve the issues that  these people are running in to also. It's not as elegant as a real onchange event, but it's effective for use in polling for changes.

#178 <div> as a container type editor 2.0 enhancement 06/14/09

<div> has no semantic purpose, and so has not been considered a priority (or even desirable) for WYMeditor.

For our purposes, it would be extremely useful functionality. We have developed a plugin system for Django CMS  http://github.com/digi604/django-cms-2.0/ (and a presentation system using WYMEditor  http://bitbucket.org/spookylukey/semanticeditor).

The plugin system allows us to place database objects (which could be an image, a link, some content, some HTML, some Django template tags - anything) into the editor.

Sometimes, it's OK to place them as inline items (say an image in a paragraph).

But sometimes, it's not. The object might itself contain a <div>, or a <ul>, or a <p> - and the only container it can safely be inserted in is a <div>.

So, to make this work for such objects, only a <div> container is suitable - a <div> container would be a great enhancement.

#193 Better table editing UI ui 2.0 enhancement 12/18/09

Better support for table editing needed, like the Mozilla "editing markers" or at least toolbar buttons.

#79 line breaks don't work properly editor 1.x defect 09/30/07

When I try to enter a line break <br /> by pressing shift-enter, the cursor moves a little to the right. There is no new line created.

When I enter a space after that, the new line is created, containing the space. Pressing backspace remove the space and the new line.

Next, when I press shift-enter again, the new line comes back immediately. However the padding between the current paragraph and the next paragraph disappears.

(tested in IE 6.0.2800)

#59 Make Indent/Outdent buttons gray out when not applicable ui 2.0 enhancement 06/30/07

I have users that want to use the "indent" button to indent paragraphs (when it is obviously done with the css on the page.

Any chance we could gray out these buttons when they don't apply?

#97 One WYMeditor Toolbar for several <textarea> ui 2.0 enhancement 02/20/08

[ french speaker, broken english ]


I'm currently developing a CMS and I'm thinking to use WYMeditor which seems (almost) perfect to my needs and I congratulate you for this promising piece of software.

I would like to second codecowboy's request ( http://forum.wymeditor.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=266) :

Sometimes, administration pages will contain more than one textarea. For example a product may have a title, a short description, a long description, ... What I would like to have is one WYMeditor toolbar for the whole page that updates the textarea (iframe) currently focused, but also dynamically (de)activate some buttons :

  • product title : only bold, italic, sup and sub;
  • product short description : only bold, italic, sup, sub and paragraphs;
  • product long description : bold, italic, sup, sub, paragraphs, headings, lists, ...

For the CMS I'm working on, I plan to add the WYMeditor toolbar at the top of the page, with position: fixed; so it is always visible to the user. Otherwhise, I'll lose a lot of space with 3 complete WYMeditors in one page.

Is this request doable according to you ?

Thank you very much for your time !

Best regards, François B.

#135 Unable to add containers to list items editor 2.0 enhancement 10/16/08

It does not seem possible to add a container inside a list item (li) even though it is valid xhtml. For example:

   <h3>My title</h3>
   <p>A description</p>
    <h3>Another title</h3>
    <p>A description</p>

#136 Use a custom alias for jQuery editor 1.x enhancement 10/17/08

While the plugin correctly avoids overwriting/assuming the $ variable, it would be wonderful if the plugin used a custom alias (via closure), which would help it run in a high-conflict environment.


As described, wrapping the plugin in

(function($) {
// plugin definition

seems to be the best practice in jQuery plugin development (note that the official jQuery UI plugins do this). This allows the function to run in environments where the jQuery variable can't always be assumed (i.e. after WYMeditor's initialization, the variable "jQuery" may be deleted, overwritten, or renamed.)

This is a small and simple change that would save me from having to manually do it to each WYM release, and being able to change all current instances of "jQuery" to "$" would be a tiny size optimization, too. :)

#141 Better visual feedback ui 2.0 enhancement 12/02/08

In future versions of WYMeditor better visual feedback is needed, hoovertools does some of this, but more can be done. One of the major things that's missing is some highlighting of the currently "active functions", i.e. to change the background of the em button when you select empathized text. The same goes for other inline elements with corresponding toolbar buttons and for the classes panel.

These thoughts where originally brought up in the  forums by sehmaschine.

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